As the Transfer Window slowly makes its way into the mindset of Football fans, there is always the notion of “we need that player!” or “he’d make us unbeatable!”. The Media adds to this constantly which either fills a fan with hope and optimism or dread and feeling underwhelmed. But…it’s always fun so lets have a look at the Logical, the Dream, the Reasonable and the Strange signings that Liverpool have been linked with recently.

Starting with the Logical signings that Liverpool have been linked with and what makes them a logical signing, in theory of course.

Xherdan Shaqiri when at Bayern Munich (now of Stoke City)


Swiss International and former Bayern Munich man Xherdan Shaqiri had been linked with Liverpool ever since his move to Bayern. The talent is evident and always has been, but Bayern’s front line at the time was frightful with the likes of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben ahead of the youngster. In 2014, when Liverpool were linked with him, Bayern supposedly blocked his move to Merseyside and Liverpool lost interest. In 2015, Stoke City made a move for the Swiss star and acquired his signature for £12m so he has only been at Stoke for a year. But the knowledge that Bayern blocked his move to Liverpool 2 years ago came straight from Shaqiri in a recent interview which has the implication that he wanted to play for the Reds and may still want to. Would he command a huge fee? Maybe depending on how much Stoke value him but he could fit straight into the Liverpool line up with his bursting runs and, add to that Mane is off to the AFCON in a couple of weeks, Shaqiri would be a welcomed addition to Anfield.

Gabriel Barbosa at Santos (now of Inter Milan)

Gabriel Barbosa (Gabigol) is someone that KTTK co-creator, Daniel Swales, would personally love at Liverpool. Quick, powerful, skillful. The closest thing to Neymar since Neymar himself. The youngster gathered a lot of hype during his time at Santos where he flourished so a big money move was evident for the young Brazilian. Where he ended up was a bit of a surprise with Inter Milan snapping him up for a cool £25m in August of 2016. Since arriving at the San Siro with a lot of fanfare, the youngster is yet to complete a full 90 minutes for the blue side of Milan and is rumoured to become disillusioned at the San Siro.  How would someone who just signed for a team be a logical signing for Liverpool? Young so Klopp can help him adapt to the surroundings. Brazilian so he can be with his compatriots such as Coutinho, Firmino and Lucas. Only downside would be that Inter would probably want to recuperate most if not all the money they paid for him. Also, he’s a Winger which is something that Liverpool need at this current moment in time.

Wilfried Zaha
Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace

The former United prodigy and Sir Alex Ferguson’s last hope of striking gold before retiring, Wilfried Zaha under performed based on the expectations that were set for him and he was sold back to the team from whence he came, Crystal Palace. 3 goals and 6 assists based on the talent around him is a worthy return for the young Englishman but his nationality becomes an issue for Liverpool straight away. English talent, regardless of ability, have always been extortionate and one of Zaha’s talents will come at a hefty price tag. Young, strong, direct and, key here, a Winger. Liverpool really lack wingers and that is probably evident based on the amount that have been linked recently.

Money runs the game and that much is evident. The more money you have, the better players you will sign. Liverpool, as do most of the Premier League,  has the infamous “War Chest” where it can be opened for any player of any calibre. As Liverpool fans, we are realistic with who we can sign but there have been some names that may tickle many Liverpool fans.

Virgil Van Dijk of Southampton

A ball playing powerful centre back to play alongside Joel Matip? Matip arrived on a free but Virgil Van Dijk may cost a pretty penny although the calibre of player that Liverpool would gain is immense. Van Dijk always looked good in the SPL but anyone can look good in the best team in an underwhelming league so the leap to the Premier League is huge. But he has transitioned magnificently and would be a player that Liverpool fans could look forward to if a deal between the two teams could be linked. Liverpool have been constant shoppers at Southampton in recent times but not for a player who could cost excess of £50m.

Julian Draxler of Wolfsburg

Julian Draxler. A World Cup winner and almost a limitless ceiling. Young, versatile, skillful. Words cannot describe how good Draxler is, could become and what impact he could have at Liverpool if he was to sign. As of writing this, Draxler was linked to Liverpool by reputable LFC sources like James Pearce and Paul Joyce but, almost as quick as the news and hope arrived, it was diminished as PSG are rumoured to have completed the signing of the German International for £30m. But it is not confirmed by either Draxler, his representatives, Wolfsburg or PSG as of right now so anything can happen. Until he is wearing the blue of PSG, there is every chance of the signing happening. Never say never…

Very rarely do the tabloids find a player who would suit a team, come at a reasonable price and just be realistic in general. But when they do, it is very interesting…

Quincy Promes of Spartak Moscow

Quincy Promes of Spartak Moscow was linked almost a month ago but his name has stuck around. Curious to see why because, with more knowledge, the player looks to be perfect for Liverpool and it is almost staggering to see the lack of news being aimed at Promes. A young winger who has International experience with his native Netherlands. Would he command a huge fee? Nope or it would be highly unlikely anyway in regards to what Premier League clubs pay for players and Promes looks to be a “diamond in the rough” kind of player at the moment. Someone who knows his potential but just needs someones help in order to surpass what he thinks he is capable of. And this is where Klopp would come in as he could give a limitless boost to the young Dutch winger. A player that could surprise many fans, not just Liverpool ones.

Some names are downright strange. Whether that be the likelihood of the player joining or the reasons given for someone’s arrival. An example of each below to exemplify this.

Joe Hart of Torino

Joe Hart is a known name in England, being England’s first team GK helps, but he was moved off to Torino as Pep Guardiola arrived in Manchester. It is a loan deal at the moment so he will return to Man City at the end of the season. Why is this a strange one? A Goalkeeper in his prime joining a rival club is unheard of in the modern era, bar Petr Cech to Arsenal from Chelsea. But Liverpool have been hit and miss with GK’s with Karius and Mignolet having mares for a while now. Karius has time on his side which is why I believe that he will flourish under Jurgen Klopp so I cannot see this Hart signing occurring.

Jose Fonte of Southampton

Another Southampton player linked. This time, Jose Fonte is the man. This all came from an Instagram post from Lovren stating that he will see Fonte soon. Naturally, the Liverpool social media went into overdrive. “FONTE’S JOINING!”. Not really. It was Fonte’s birthday a few days later so there was nothing cryptic in Lovren’s message. It was very much literal. With regards to Fonte joining, due to his age, I cannot see him joining Liverpool anytime soon.

Liverpool will definitely be in the market place for a few players as Klopp looks to bolster his squad depth, which is slightly nonexistent at the moment, but we will see if any of the players mentioned above will be in Klopp’s long term future plans.