Emil Forsberg made his debut for his hometown club of GIF Sundsvall in 2009 where made nearly a century of appearances, scoring 24 times. Malmo FF were his next side as he moved in 2013 for a 2 years stint with the Swedish side. RB Leipzig came calling in January of 2015 where he signed a 3 and a half year deal. in February of 2016, Emil signed a contract extension which extended the deal to 2021.

Forsberg chasing down the ball

The source on this matter was the player’s agent himself. Hasan Cetinkaya told BILD (German news outlet) that various ‘big’ clubs had appraoched him for the services of Liepzig’s main man and that he could leave in January, just 2 years after joining the title challengers. Liverpool and Juventus were the 2 names that were dropped by the agent. Whether it is reputable or not though… Agents are notorious for using other clubs to help get their players a more luxurious contract and this could be the case again but Forsberg looks destined to leave anyway due to the standout season he has had.

To wear the Red of LFC soon?

Transfermarkt has not been updated on Forsberg as it still says £4.25mil but the rumoured deal so far could be upwards of £20mil. Value for money wise, a 25 year old who has had a standout season so far Leipzig which has seen them rocket to title challengers could be seen as a fair price.

Forsberg scoring and celebrating for RB Leipzig

Forsberg is mainly seen as a CAM but plays out wide or as a second striker sometimes depending on the opposition. So almost how Coutinho, Firmino and Lallana play for Liverpool really. So he could slot right in but depends on who would make way for him. If he was to join in Jan, he could make the RW his own with Mane out for a month due to AFCON.

Could LFC be on the horizon?

Personally, I would rather Liverpool look for an out-and-out winger rather than a make shift one but, then again, it has worked wonders for the aforementioned Coutinho, Lallana and Firmino. Maybe it could work, it does look kind of likely to be fair. Definitely an enjoyable and explosive player, one that puts his team on his back to make something happen and maybe that is what Liverpool need now to push them. There are lot more worse ways to spend £20mil…