Another window, another Southampton player linked. Since the Summer of 2014 when Liverpool raided Southampton for Lambert, Lovren and Lallana, a running joke amongst the footballing community is that Liverpool’s favourite place to shop for players is Southampton Football Club. Clyne and Mane have arrived since from the Saints but not a window goes by where Liverpool are not linked with a Southampton player but this rumour may have some pace to it. Fonte, as of writing this, has handed in a transfer request. Let’s take a look at what he would bring to LFC.

Transfer Request handed in

Fonte and Lovren were a partnership that Southampton used which took them to 6th in the table before Liverpool took the latter for a deal worth £20mil in the Summer of 2014. Could Liverpool use this partnership in their defence? Yes. Should they? No. The mainstay in the CB position for LFC is not Lovren, it is Matip. Matip is the player the defence is being built around and rightfully so. Lovren is a very good player but Matip was bought in to be the main man. That is the reason he was Jurgen Klopp’s first signing when he took over. Even then, Lovren’s days may be numbered as Joe Gomez has returned from injury and could be in line to take the CB position alongside Matip.

Right move?

Fonte, if he was to be purchased by Liverpool, for me would be a back up player. Someone to play if Matip, Lovren, Klavan and Gomez were injured. I do not think this is something that Fonte wants as he is leaving due to lack of playing time and that is exactly what he would get if he joined LFC. I personally cannot see it happening but stranger things have happened…