Mamadou Sakho… where to begin? Sakho looked to be one of the leading and most charismatic players within the line-up and now is on the fringes of the U23 side, never mind the First Team. Sakho and Klopp’s falling out is well documented and it looks like the Frenchman will leave but who to? Southampton seems to be the solid rumour at the moment as Sakho wants to stay within the Premier League.

Sakho saluting fair well to LFC fans?

Sakho and Van Dijk to be the partnership for Southampton before Liverpool swoop in for Van Dijk in the Summer Transfer Window? The odds on that happening could be low if existent at all but it isn’t something that can’t happen. Sakho would fit alongside Van Dijk quite well with the Dutchman being an aerial threat and Sakho being a ball playing CB. Likelihood wise, it suits all parties really. Sakho wants game time, Liverpool want rid of him and Southampton need a CB. The issue arises with what the players value is. Despite lack of playing time, Sakho is still an expensive asset and the gulf in value between the two clubs estimations could be huge as Liverpool would want to regain the original £15mil they spent on the Frenchman and Southampton are known to a be frugal club with regards to spending. A deal could easily be reached as Liverpool and Southampton’s Head of Transfers are probably on first name bases with the amount of signings that have occurred in recent times.

Last LFC appearance for LFC vs Dortmund

Would Sakho be a miss for Liverpool? Probably not because he has not had an impact on the team since the end of last season and even then it was a negative impact with his suspension. The feeling is more that the fans would miss him. Not because of what he brings to the team as he is still a very good defender but more so because of what he does for the community. Sakho is known for his charity work and the impact he has on the locals  due to his warm and endearing nature. PR is something that clubs try to do on a national level but it means more when it is to the local community and when the person does it from the goodness of his own heart rather than for the benefits of cheque. That, I think, is what will be missed most about Mamadou Sakho. As he is destined to leave Merseyside soon, best of luck Mama. YNWA