Phillipe Coutinho to Real Madrid? Maybe PSG? Barcelona? The rumour of his sale is ripe and probably will be while he wears the red of Liverpool and isn’t winning trophies. The rumour at the moment is that he is being monitored by PSG and Real Madrid heavily  with the former ready to make a move for him in the Summer.

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Celebrating his goal against Chelsea

The issue that rises is Price. Let’s just assume that Liverpool are willing to sell their star man. How much would he fetch in the Transfer Market? Only 24 and hitting his stride in the hardest league in the world would fetch a pretty penny. Raheem Sterling left for Man City for £49mil, John Stones to the same club was £47mil and Paul Pogba to Man Utd was an eye-watering £89mil. Right now, Coutinho is outshining all the aforementioned players and is the same age as Pogba. Liverpool would definitely get over £60mil for the Brazilian but, if it turned into a bidding war, more would not be a stretch. If anything, I have probably undervalued the Brazilian.

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Coutinho with a fan? Or maybe with Neymar

The issue of price can be debated for a long time and probably will be but I personally cannot see Liverpool selling their talisman. The Brazilian is ticking nicely with Firmino, Lallana, Wijnaldum and Mane and has become a signature threat from 25 yards out. Whereas in the past, I could have seen Liverpool sell Coutinho, under Klopp I cannot see such a thing occuring.