Adam Lalllana has come into a world of his own. From being a player that may have been good in an average team at Southampton to now being a pivotal player and helping towards Liverpool’s push towards Champions League places if not the Premier League Title. 7 goals and 7 assists in 19 games this season has made him a catalyst in the scary strikeforce that Liverpool have so, naturally, this has attracted attention from various clubs. PSG have been rumoured to have monitored Lallana and now it seems that both Real Madrid and Juventus are also looking at the 28 year old Englishman.

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Lallana celebrating scoring the winner in 5-4 thriler vs Norwich

His market value, if Liverpool were to sell him, could range from £30mil plus if he stayed in the country and went to an English club or it could potentially lessen due to foreign clubs not wanting to splash out on foreign talent. Being English does not help Liverpool as the extortionate rise in fee would not apply in Europe whereas it does in England. Would Liverpool want to sell a star player though.

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On his way out? Not for me 

I can’t see this happening at all. For me, this is purely paper talk. From Lallana’s perspective, it is probably so flattering to have these clubs looking at him, specifically Madrid here, but Liverpool as a selling club is a thing of old. A few years ago, same as the Coutinho piece yesterday, Liverpool and Klopp would not want to sell a player who is in his prime and is becoming one of the more influential dictating players in the Premier League.