After the 1-1 draw against Man Utd at Old Trafford, Sky Sports confirmed that Liverpool would NOT be targetting Jose Fonte of Southampton. Rumours had been ripe with Liverpool wanting another Southampton player and with Matip now potentially out due to Cameroon FA and FIFA errors, a new CB inbound looked likely. This was enhanced with Fonte recently having given his Transfer Request in earlier this month.


At 33, Fonte would not be the type of player that Klopp would usually purchase and with Liverpool having 5 defenders anyway, it is not a question of buying another CB but more one of finding the right partnership. With Gomez coming back to fitness, this could be the time that the right partnership is found. Also, Fonte wants to leave due to lack of playing time. Would he get more playing time at Liverpool? He would not, personally. It is good that this rumour has been put to bed in the window and now we can look at other rumours to entertain us.