Lazar Markovic, a £20mil signing from Benfica in 2014 with a lot of hype, relegated to a Wing-back role under Brendan Rodgers, loaned out to Sporting Lisbon and now they want to cancel his loan halfway through the deal… A lot to un-package here so let’s go straight to it.

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Didn’t impress Klopp during Pre-Season
Markovic would fit right back into this Liverpool team on the wing but it seems that Klopp either A) doesn’t want him at the moment or B) wants him to gain Premier League experience. Either way, it looks like he is being loaned to a Premier League team, with Hull being the likeliest destination. Will he do well? In my opinion, he will because this could be aplace where he can gain the muscle that he requires to be an elite winger in the Premier League and Hull are a team that are constantly pressured so his pressing game could be enhanced so much, which would make him an even better player if Klopp was to keep him the following season.

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It is really unfortunate to see a young talent like Markovic being essentially exiled by Lisbon and not wanted at Liverpool at the moment but hopefully the 22 year old can find his stride at Hull if the move was to go through.

Update: His move to Hull has been confirmed. Good Luck Lazar. YNWA