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Sturridge not being the main man at Liverpool anymore is something that must sting the striker. Origi was bought to be the future of the club while Sturridge was out injured and now, despite his return from Injury, it seems that Sturrdige’s days maybe numbered. Rumours have it that PSG maybe interested in taking the English striker to Paris.

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PSG bound?

How does this one set up with the Liverpool fans and management? I think that it would be a deal that benefits all parties. Disregard injuries and Sturridge is arguably the second best striker in the Premier League but the injuries are then bought up to counter this argument. He has not been the same striker he was under Klopp as he was in his maiden LFC season under Rodgers. This is mainly because of the change in play and the pressing that Klopp requires from all his players which Sturridge cannot afford to do because he would risk an injury. It’s a risk that always hinders Sturridge and selling him may be the best thing to do.

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Moving apart?

Playing against Sturridge could become an issue if he was sold to a Premier League team but, if he was abroad, the likelihood of coming against him would be less likely to occur. Fans have become disillusioned with Sturridge and it is understandable despite being unfortunate as well. A fee to agree would warrant much debate as well but PSG are not strapped for cash at the moment or the foreseeable future.