In a nutshell, nope…

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Okay…let’s expand here. Some of the players that we have been linked with, because it is mid season, the players are simply not available at the moment. It is not because Liverpool cannot afford these players, the issue would be to implement these players into a system that is already working and having all these expectations on them. Yes, sometimes it can work but usually it takes time for these players to settle in which is why having a pre-season with the team under your belt helps to integrate these players and become acclimated to the environment around them.

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Klopp does not want to spend money for the sake of spending money. Like that, you ruin the club’s financial status, the players that you currently have and potentially the incoming player’s career as well. Contracts being renegitaiated does take time as well and Liverpool are in the process of renewing Lallana’s, Lovren and Emre Can’s contracts as well as having renewed Coutinho’s contract this morning. Will Liverpool sign a player this transfer window? In my opinion, no we will not. Shame really but up the Reds. YNWA