Jurgen Klopp; while being a great admirer of the manager who has brought a new, enjoyable manner of play to the team in a very short space of time, there are a certain number of short comings in this style. The first grievance being that we have a small in stature forward line, but will persist in banging in high balls into the penalty area with defenders comfortably dealing with our attempted crosses. This issue is especially prevalent against defensively minded sides, with our own defenders going up for the attack and vacating their positions at the back, hence we are hit on the counter-attack. Solution: have two defenders constantly on the alert at the back to deal with the opposition’s counters.

Lallana frustrated against Swansea

It’s no secret we’re poor from set-pieces, especially corners, be it defending or attacking. Though why we don’t leave two strikers on the halfway line when defending corners is a question that begs consideration, this tactic puts doubt in the minds of the attacking team, hence they leave men to mark our attackers, reducing the threat of conceding from a set-piece.

After an exceptional start to the season, all of Klopp’s work has come apart in one awful week in January, from being unbeaten at home in over a year to losing three times in a week, this should show that the Premier League is played much differently to football in Germany. The concentration of games over the winter period coupled with the high tempo has been enough to bring about this poor run of form.

Klopp, unimpressed

And when we come to face a lower league/lesser side it only serves to motivate them when we opt to play six or seven youth players against them. Their managers don’t have to give team talks, all they say is ‘this is how they think of us, now get out there and ram it down their throat’ and they play 10 men behind the ball, while our passing breaks down as we don’t have the players or the style to break them down (hence, hit on the counter), and we lose to three teams who, in all honesty, should’ve been destroyed hook, line and sinker.

Things must change and my own view is we bring in a winger and an out and out striker, but keep the pressing style of play we use now, it will get better. Trust the manager, but worry about how long it will be before the money men at the top start putting their oar in.

These are the view of an 85-year-old man who first came to Anfield in 1952 and still comes today, who was a qualified referee and a very successful full badge F.A. coach in his younger days and so, over the years, has gained a lot of knowledge on tactics.

My final view is that we require a good left back (Jimmy seems to be getting a bit long in the tooth, still a big fan though!), a centre half, although Matip & Gomez would be a good pairing, a top quality midfielder who could put the tackles in, a winger so we aren’t forced to rely on Mane and an out-and-out striker who is able to burst into the box and not try to tip-tap it around. All told, five crucial signings to be made without compromising the style we currently play.

As for the kids, I only see three, at this moment, who look as if they will make it as regular, first team players; Ben Woodburn, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez.

Woodburn and Alexander-Arnold in training

Other than that Redmen, keep the faith, Jurgen will get it right and bring back the glory days.