Believe it or not, Liverpool have a third GK in their ranks as well as having both Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius. Adam Bogdan signed from Bolton as a Free Signing and he was the number 2 to Mignolet at the time of his arrival in the Summer of 2015. The Hungarian was at loan to Wigan but suffered a season ending injury which has led to his return to Liverpool. Some of you may not even be aware that the Hungarian is still a Liverpool player as Klopp loaned him out as soon as he could but, nonetheless, he is still a Red. Stick or Twist?

Twist: Compared to the 2 somewhat detailed previous reports I had done on the GK’s, Adam Bogdan is almost guaranteed to be sold the end of this season as Klopp is trying to build a dynasty and wants to remove as much “deadwood” as possible. Another reason is that he has not actually played many games which would enable a detail analysis into his pro’s and con’s. A move back down to the Championship seems to be the most likely destination for the keeper which is a shame because he does seem like a very likeable and nice person but that does not win games at the end of the day. Market Value wise… a couple of million? If that? he may not have much sway on that front but he is still a player for a high ranking English Club so maybe that could be a pull for a newly promoted club or a club that are wanting promotion into the Premier League.