Dejan Lovren being bought from a standout Southampton team made sense at the time of his purchase. But, since then, Lovren has been hit and miss with the Liverpool faithful. His first season, after the £20mil move in the Summer of 2014, Lovren had a horrendous start which saw the Liverpool fans calling for his sale asap. 2nd season, first under Klopp, saw him become a standout player as well as being looked at as a potential captain when Henderson was rumours to be leaving for greener pastures. This season has saw him, again, be well and truly hit and miss, along with Liverpool fans heralding Matip as the future as well as someone who we will later address. So… should Liverpool keep or sell him?

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Sell: This may be the first controversial decision within this series but it is one that may have to be done. Lovren, over his nearly 3 year tenure, has been a fantastic servant for Liverpool but has also been one that has cost Liverpool many points due to his unorthodox style of defending, the mistake vs Man Utd in his maiden season at Liverpool springs to mind instantly. And, personally, I cannot see him performing to Klopp’s level of pressure due to his lack of pace in defence. Lovren is played as a Ball Playing CB. Matip was bought to be just that so should we have 2 of the same type of player? Maybe but I do not think that Lovren would take kindly to being a 3rd choice CB.