Mama… I probably sound like a broken record, the amount of times I have mentioned Sakho but, for the sake of this series, he must be mentioned. Sakho quite publicly fell out of favour with Klopp…only Lucifer had a higher fall from grace than Sakho did this past Summer. It was that bad and public. Now on loan to Crystal Palace, the Frenchman has not been ruled out of a return to LFC’s starting line-up come this Summer as told straight by Klopp to the Media. So…stick or twist?

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Sell: This is purely because I believe that Klopp will not play Sakho as much as Sakho wants to be played and this could hinder the team in the long run. Sakho is known for being the soul of the Liverpool team but having someone who is just there to make up the numbers rather than play could jeopardise the mentality in the locker room. Also, £20mil for a CB who is not going to be playing a game for us is quite good business in the long run.