Alberto Moreno was bought from Sevilla and he was an instant hit amongst Liverpool fans. Mainly because of the price that he arrived at (£12mil) and because he was set in the mould of  a young Jordi Alba. This gave him all the hype in the world… but it soon transpired than an all out attack minded LB was somewhat counterproductive. It became painstakingly obvious that Moreno was trained to be winger and became a defender. Under Klopp, Liverpool have utilised Milner at LB and Moreno has been on the bench. So…keep or sell?

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Keep but under context: I feel that Moreno would make an outstanding LW and this is something that Liverpool desire at this current moment in time. Mane being the only winger seems to be an issue as over-reliance in the Senegalese could jeopardise Liverpool’s entire season.