After taking the reigns of the Liverpool captaincy from the Legend that is Steven Gerrard, Henderson has been a player that has been adored by the home fans but unappreciated by rival fans. “What does he actually do?” and “he just passes sideways” tend to be the usual criticisms of the player, while disregarding the fact that he has the most forwards passes in the Premier League 2016/17 with 312. A box-to-box player with a fantastic engine, the captain has become influential, not even in the first team although he is very much a key person on that front, but more so behind the scenes. This has became known through players like Lallana who has told the Media about the team talks that resonate with the players usually at halftime. So is it time to sell the captain or should we stay loyal to him?

Most forward passes completed in the Premier League 2016/17: J. Henderson (312) S. Cazorla (311) Fernandinho (258)…

Keep: This, just like Wijnaldum yesterday, is a no brainer. The captain has finally found a position that he can call his own and that is just in front of the defence. Usually playing out wide or as a double-pivot in a 4231 formation did not suit him under previous managers but Klopp has found Henderson the perfect role at that No.6 position in a 433 False 9. With Mane, Firmino and Coutinho causing havoc up front, Lallana steaming ahead of him in the CAM role and Wijnaldum alongside him to offer some protection, Henderson always seems to be in the right position but, sadly, is not helped by the defence that is behind him at the moment. Almost like a throwback to Gerrard, a moment of brilliance is only a second away at any given time… just ask Chelsea about that. The captain is now finding his stride and this is the best time to keep pushing him as the base of Liverpool’s attack.