It was rumoured earlier this season that Emre Can, along with Adam Lallana and Phillipe Coutinho, was going to be offered a new contract and every Liverpool fan rejoiced with happiness. Tying the German international into a lengthy contract would stop us from losing a prized possession on the cheap and Emre was more than deserved of a contract at the time but those same Liverpool fans may not be so jubilant anymore. Months have passed and Emre has not signed a new contract and has rumoured to have asked for more money than he is currently being offered. This on top of putting in performances that have been very lacking the zest that Klopp may be wanting from the young German. Wijnaldum has put himself ahead of Emre Can and nobody would argue otherwise as the Dutchman has made himself a key player in Klopp’s line up. So should we cash in on the German before his contract expires in 2018?

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Keep: Emre may be going through a tough spell at Liverpool at the moment but still has the makings of a great player. Lowe (Germany Manager) has praised Emre on many occasions and sees him as the Engine of the German Midfield so who can argue? Besides maybe Klopp anyway. But Klopp is a huge factor in Emre staying, in my opinion. There are very few managers that have the ability to transform a player into a World Star, even less when that manager can motivate you to the sky. This is Klopp and Emre can become the perfect midfielder under Klopp. The contract will be agreed. A few terms need to be agreed and then that’ll be that. I can see Emre forfeiting Carragher’s No.23 and taking up Gerrard’s No.8…but maybe that’s just me.