After convincingly outplaying one of the Premier League’s best teams of the season in Tottenham Hotspur only a matter of 16 days ago and not having to play any other games in the interim surely playing the League’s 18th placed team would be more of a formality than anything else… Well, it would be if the team dealt that hand wasn’t Liverpool. 

After being treated to a trip away to Spain to enjoy some warm-weather training in a camp in La Manga many fans have been left wondering the same thing; when are Liverpool coming back?

Liverpool training in La Manga
Of course when I say this I mean the team that played Spurs off the park, running out 2-0 winners against League title contenders. Because looking at the side who just got humiliated by the most paltry, shameful and serpent-like side in the league it’s a tough job believing that they’re the exact same team.

In games like these it’s hard to keep patience with Liverpool, everyone knows that all signs point towards a victory, so why does it always go so wrong, so consistently?

What has happened to the Liverpool that outplayed Spurs?
The levels of inconsistency throughout the squad is baffling (in fact the only thing they seem to be consistent at is being inconsistent) Gini Wijnaldum can go from Clarence Seerdorf one week to Jay Spearing the next. Likewise with Emre Can; from Vonsprung durch Technik to the Hindenburg. 

The only bright spots in Liverpool’s performance against Leicester was Coutinho and the aforementioned Can who enjoyed one of his better games in recent weeks. Otherwise the Reds were abysmal. 

The Reds were abysmal at the King Power
For once even the referee is exempt from shouldering any of the blame from this lacklustre performance… In fact he did us a favour when he ended the game and the embarrassment.

Yet again the failure to perform against a team sitting in the bottom half of the table is a galling mixture of laughable and downright distressing, especially given Leicester’s current situation regarding the disgraceful dismissal of their Premier League winning boss Claudio Ranieri.

Ranieri, dismissed on unfair terms?
Make no mistake, Leicester were impressive this evening, which makes the result even more upsetting. If that 3-1 win for the Foxes isn’t the biggest middle-finger to Ranieri after being sacked just four days previous to this match I’d be interested to see what else Leicester can conjure. 

The tempo at which Leicester played was something Liverpool simply couldn’t deal with, perhaps down to their poor game plan and unpreparedness, perhaps because they opted to play two midfielders in defence while leaving three defenders on the bench. Who’s to say? The only thing the fans can be certain of tonight is that they’ve been let down, big time.

Fans were left disillusioned by Liverpool’s performance
As the season goes on the top four is beginning to look more and more out of our reach, and the players, and even Klopp, have no one to blame but themselves.