Bought on a free which ended up costing £8mil, Danny IngsLiverpool career kind of ended before it started really. Starting up front  when Sturridge was injured and then being injured before Klopp’s first game was just an unnecessary sucker punch for the young Englishman. As of writing this, Ings is out with a Knee Injury and would be back for the beginning of Pre Season but would it be smart to sell a player with Premier League experience who is currently out injured?

Keep: Ings is a good player. A very good player. But he just has not had the chance to show this due to injury. Klopp is aware of how good he is which is why he has stated many times that Liverpool will wait on Ings. He will recover in his own time and could become that high intensity Centre Forward that Liverpool and Klopp both want as a focal point of attack.