30 posts done with “Keep or Sell” and there have been a few issues that I wanted to address but not change in the original posts. Most of the decisions I made (some were admittedly very controversial) I stand by but some can be changed because maybe results didn’t go our way or the player was just downright horrendous. Below, I’ll amend some of my previous posts briefly and then summerise the final tally.

Ragnar Klavan: Originally “Keep” but now “Sell”. Our defence is just not good enough and the issue has been the inconsistency of developed partnership. Lovren and Matip have been seen as the main partnership but one of the two is always injured. My reasoning behind keeping Klavan was to use him sparingly as the experience defender. But, if we qualify for the Champions League, will we still want Klavan as a back up? Probably not. He’ll be replaced so we should sell him.

Alberto Moreno: Originally “Keep” but now “Sell”. Moreno was to be kept based on context as he could have become a make shift Winger for us but Klopp has not even entertained such an idea so why keep a player like that who could start for other clubs abroad? Again, no need, especially as he’ll definately be replaced come this Summer.

Andre Wisdom: Originally “Keep” but now “Sell”. I remember writing and uploading this piece thinking that I’ve justified my decision to keep the Englishman but now, looking back at it, I couldn’t disagree with myself any more. Whether Wisdom is a good player or not, he no longer has any consistency as he isn’t getting game time and it’s just dead-weight keeping his on as he wouldn’t play seeing as we are highly likely to strengthen this Summer.