Moreno being dropped almost forever and Lucas leaving leaves Liverpool with no out and out Left Back or Centre Defensive Midfielder. Milner and Henderson have made those positions their own but they are moulded and can do more further up the pitch. Players being purchased in this position in the Summer is almost a guarantee but who is rumoured?

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Left Back – Sead Kolasinac of Schalke 04

Kolasinac seems to be like “Schrodinger’s Cat” at the moment. He is both signed by Juventus and not signed by them as well. Juventus released an article on their official website stating they had reached an agreement with Sead regarding a move in the Summer yet Liverpool and Arsenal are linked with him with nothing official from Schalke’s end. If there is no deal, Liverpool should capitalise quickly. Matip is a former Schalke player so using him as leeway in this scenario would be beneficial for Liverpool. A young and powerful left back who will only grow under Klopp.

Centre Defensive Midfielder – Nabil Keita of Red Bull Leipzig

One of the stand out performers for Leipzig and their push for the Bundesliga title. The CDM has charged up and down the pitch for the German minnows which has catapulted them into the position they are in at the moment. A young player meaning a pretty penny would be the price for him. Liverpool buying him would show intent and creating a spine for the team that they have lacked since the days of Reina, Carragher, Gerrard and Torres.