When you think of all the great midfielders to don the Liverpool Red in the past decade or so who is it that springs to mind? Besides Steven Gerrard I would guess the likes of Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano and Philippe Coutinho are the first to be considered. 

While the previously mentioned Redmen may be touted as more talented than Lucas, the Brazilian’s commitment to Liverpool over the past 10 years should not go unappreciated.

Lucas may not possess the traditional Brazilian flair that so typifies the Samba style of play but the man is a warrior on the pitch, and such a positive character off it.

Since being recruited by Rafa Benitez in 2007 Lucas has been a divisive character among supporters, some believing him not to be consistent enough, while others feel he’s entirely not good enough.I personally feel that the Brazilian midfielder has been a great member of the Liverpool squad, perfectly embodying the no-nonsense attitude of old, putting his body on the line to help the team out and not being afraid to rattle the opposition players while he’s at it.

Although that’s besides the point, you can question the quality of any given player all day long, but you cannot question the commitment and dedication of Lucas Leiva.

There have been times when other players might have found themselves frustrated were they in the same position as Lucas. Though, to his credit, he has never spoken out or moaned about his situation, regardless as to how frustrated he may have felt.

Rather he has got his head down and fought for his place in the team at Anfield, and that work ethic has paid dividends as of late.

To my mind, amidst a sea of poor, sub-standard performances throughout the Liverpool ranks, Lucas has been one of the club’s standout players.

This speaks volumes about the level of dedication on display from Lucas and, all told, you need only look to some of his celebrations to see the sheer amount of love and passion he has for the club.Currently, at 344 games not out, Lucas remains as the Reds longest serving player in the current squad and is only now getting the acknowledgment he deserves. 

On Tuesday 9th May, Lucas was given a Special Recognition award as a way of thanking the Brazilian for his 10 years of service at the club. A well deserved accolade after dedicating the best years of his career to the Reds. Players with the loyalty and work ethic of Lucas don’t come around as often as they should, and when they do they should be treasured. 

Lucas Leiva is a scouser, and his sheer passion for the club is reflected in his performances, and it’s no secret that many players could learn from the example he has set while at Liverpool.